Higher-Caliber Cuisine

Our culinary team creates custom event menus to taste while remaining mindful of your dietary preferences and restrictions.

Plated meal

How It Works

Food Philosophy

Our menus are customized with care and attention to detail. We take your ideas, your themes and your vision and customize a menu that speaks to your event. We find purpose in serving you freshly prepared hors d’oeuvres, plated dinners, desserts and cocktails by our talented chefs and up-and-coming culinary experts.

Catering menu selections range from corporate office drop-offs to elegant plated dinner parties. We are committed to the university way by supporting and serving the most significant events at HPU.

  • Passion. Extraordinaire Catering Co. expresses a devotion to every area of the culinary arts, from concept and preparation to ingredients and plating.
  • Freshness. We search for the highest caliber of ingredients from herb gardens and local farms. From desserts to rolls, everything is made from scratch and nothing is taken for granted.
  • Flavor. We pay attention to results and continually raise the bar higher for our standards of richness and quality of taste.
  • Engagement. As part of an institution of higher learning, we are ever vigilant for new truths and opportunities to improve. This involvement and open-mindedness positions our Extraordinaire Catering Co. team at the cutting edge of culinary arts.

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Customize your extraordinary menu. Contact our culinary team or call us at 334.841.9236 to get started.

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